How to Be A Findom Online and Make Six-Figures! (w/ Recommendations)

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Findoms have quickly gained popularity trending on Twitter and OnlyFans, find out how to be a successful financial dominatrix, and gain your financial independence!

Findom Guide

Your financial freedom could come from a submissive’s financial slavery. You could start to make money and even earn a steady income by developing a whole farm of pay pigs. Keep reading to learn more about financial domination and how you can become a findom. 

Every relationship has give and take, but some people are incredibly aroused by being taken. They want to be humiliated and forced to submit to a stronger, more controlling partner. One form of humiliation that has grown in popularity over the years is financial domination. In this case, a submissive individual gives money and gifts as a way to worship a dominant partner. When this partner demands money from their submissive, it’s known as financial domination.


Who is a Financial Dominatrix?

A dominatrix is a person (typically a woman) who physically or mentally dominates their partner. Physically, a financial dominatrix can restrain their partner, sit on them, and use props like gags and whips to keep them in line. Mentally, a Findom will control what a person can say or do – or in this case, spend.

A financial dominatrix controls their partner’s money. They determine what their partner can spend money on or demand money from them regularly. The submissive partner gives up their money and financial choices entirely. This form of domination is arousing for some individuals because they have to trust the dominatrix and submit to their will. The role of the dominatrix is to push their submissives further without harming them. 

With a findom, the gift of money should be offered without any expectation of reward. This is an act of devotion and any photos or videos sent to the finsub is seen as a bonus. 

Artwork by @dcbillustration
Artwork by @dcbillustration

Understanding Findom Terminology

As you start to explore how to be a financial dominatrix, you will discover how this world has a whole set of definitions and terms. Here are a few common words that you can use in your search and as you interact with prospective clients.


This is short for financial domination a financial dominatrix. Findom is a kink where a submissive gives gifts and money to a dominant. They are also called cash masters.


This is a financial submissive. This person is aroused by giving money to the financial dominant or having their finances controlled. Alternative names include cash slave, pay pig, or human ATM.


Also known as being rinsed, wallet raped, or shaken down, this occurs when the cash master takes the pay pig’s money in a dominating manner. They can demand a virtual payment or force the pay pig to meet them at an ATM.


This refers to a series of regular payments from the sub to the dom.

Total power exchange (TPE)

The dominant tells the submissive how to spend their money. In some cases, the submissive will give their banking passwords to the dom.

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How To Be A Sucessful Findom

A findom doesn’t just receive money. Depending on the terms of your relationship, you will need to be the one to demand money from your human ATM. You will have to punish them if they are late or fail to send you money. Even though you are the Findom, you need to enter the relationship with agreed-upon terms. 

Establish Your Relationship

The first step is to establish what your finsub will do for you and what their rewards or punishments will be. How much money will they send and when? What do they expect from you in return?


For example, your finsub might be aroused by watching you spend their money. You can reward them by wearing your sexiest bikini on a tropical vacation they paid for. You can drive them wild by sending a nude with a purse you bought but hiding your body with the handbag as a way to tease them. This is what they get out of your exchange. 

Reward and Punish Your Finsub

A physical dominatrix might force their submissive onto the floor if they are bad or deny them the release of an orgasm. As a reward, they might allow a sub to lick their boots or spank them. Financial domination also has punishments and rewards. Decide what you consider a reward and how you will punish disobedient finsubs. 

Rewards include photos, one-on-one webcams, and more access to your time. As a punishment, many findoms will ignore their subs until they receive payment. This creates mental anguish and anxiety until the finsub is able to pay. A findom might demand more money from a sub because they are late on a payment as a way to keep them in line.

Protect Your Finsub

As a findom, you want to push your finsub out of their comfort zone. However, you also have responsibilities for their care. A physical dominatrix will make sure her submissive is never seriously injured and they will practice good aftercare. As a findom, you need to make sure your submissives can financially handle your demands. There is such a thing as healthy and unhealthy domination.

  • Healthy findom: telling your submissive they cannot buy a PS5 because they are going to give you the money instead. Buy yourself a PS5 and send them sexy photos of you playing it.  
  • Unhealthy findom: pushing your sub to the point where they miss rent payments or can’t afford to buy food. 
  • Healthy findom: denying your finsub the ability to eat out. Have them eat ramen noodles for dinner while they pay for you to eat at a steakhouse.
  • Unhealthy findom: having your finsub wrack up credit card debt that they are unable to pay off.

Some finsubs will keep paying their doms in order to keep their attention no matter how far in debt they get. You need to have protective boundaries set. Some findoms ask their subs to send screenshots of their bank statements as a form of control. This also lets them know the sub can handle the payments.  


How Much Money do Findoms Make?

When you are first starting out, you might only make a few hundred dollars per month. During this time, you are finding pay pigs and learning what you can charge. As you grow more experienced, you can charge more for the attention of finsubs. Established findoms make around $1,000 to $10,000 per month.

Mistress Harley, one of the most well-known findoms out there, has rates as low as $100 for a 10-minute phone call. Her record was receiving $1.3 million dollars in one transaction from a client.

Set rates for what you demand from pay pigs as tribute. Make sure they know that their weekly or monthly payments are just the baseline and you expect additional gifts from them on a regular basis.

How to Be a Findom on Onlyfans, Twitter, or Chaturbate

There are more findoms looking for pay pigs online than there are available finsubs. This means you will have to do more than demand money from someone in order to attract them and keep them interested. Operating as a findom takes practice and a key marketing strategy for yourself.

  • Care for your appearance. While looks aren’t everything, you will attract more potential pay pigs if you invest in your looks and take quality photos with good lighting and angles.
  • Develop a persona. Give pay pigs a reason to want you. Are you a goddess who needs to be worshiped? Are you a boss who should be feared and respected? Spend time reflecting on your online character.
  • Learn from others. Explore OnlyFans to research other findoms. You don’t want to copy them exactly, but you want to see how they present themselves, pose, and create captions.  
  • Market yourself. Research and use key hashtags like #CashMaster, #CashMistress, #Findom. Create posts showing that you are in search of a #Paypig or #HumanATM.
  • Establish your terms. Be ready when someone asks to worship you. Have your demands set – including how much they owe you. This is domination, you can’t ask them how much they feel like paying or what they want to give you.

Many findoms on OnlyFans treat their time as a dominatrix as seriously as any other job. They put hours of work into their photos and content. They fully become their personas when they talk to their subs. If you can’t be serious and consistent as a dom, your subs will lose interest.

What Kind of Findoms Are There?


There are multiple ways to receive money from your submissives. You can stick with one form of worship to attract specific types of pay pigs or you can have multiple offerings to grow your revenue streams. A few options to consider include:

  • Setting up an Amazon wishlist for your finsubs to buy you things.
  • Demanding tribute, or a flat monthly or weekly payment from your sub.
  • Demanding tithing, or a percentage of a sub’s total income each month.
  • Exploring consensual blackmail, where you play out a blackmail fantasy and demand money from your sub.
  • Establish a total power exchange (TPE) where you can control what your sub spends money on and when.

Some of these findom relationships require more time and experience than others. While you can create an Amazon wishlist for your OnlyFans account within a few minutes, it takes time to understand what goes into TPE and how to consensually blackmail someone. However, these more advanced forms of control can also lead to higher payments and pay pig demand. You are creating a niche for yourself with skills other Cash Masters don’t have.

Do You Ever Meet Your Subs in Person as a Findom?

In most cases, you will never meet your finsubs in person. The relationship will purely exist online and you might be able to limit your interactions to OnlyFans. However, some financial subs have agreements with their doms that they will meet in person.

During this time, the dom will have the sub remove money from an ATM for them. They may demand other forms of public humiliation, like kissing their shoes before leaving.

You may also agree to have a spending session with your sub. You can have a video call as you show them what you are buying with their money for a virtual experience or take them along as you try on shoes and look at handbags.



How to be a Financial Dominatrix 

Who is a typical finsub?

While domination and submission vary across genders, most financial submissives are young men – typically in their 30s. They often have steady income but don’t have many expenses, which allows them to submit to powerful doms. 

Outside of OnlyFans, where can I find pay pigs?

Twitter is another good outlet to find submissives, along with cam sites and other places where people can market adult services. Try using multiple platforms to attract human ATMs when you are just starting out.

How do you accept payment as a findom?

PayPal forbids the exchange of money for adult transactions. Instead, turn to OnlyFans and CashApp. You can also create an Amazon wishlist with gift card requests or demand cash if you plan to meet your pay pig in person.

What technology do I need to be a findom?

You need to be able to market yourself. Invest in a ring light and a good phone with a reliable camera. You can also look into video editing software that allows you to cut clips and add filters. Additional lighting might be beneficial if you are trying to brighten up a room.

Enjoy Financial Freedom Through Financial Domination

With the right look and marketing strategy, you can start to attract pay pigs who want nothing more than to give you tribute and submit to your will. Use these tips to set up your findom OnlyFans and start demanding money from human ATMs. You can start earning money in 2022 that allows you to live the lifestyle you were born for. For more information about how to navigate the virtual sex scene as an adult model, read our virtual sex guide!