Do You Want Hotter Sex? Here’s 8 Sexy Affirmations That Will Get Your Girl Hot!

By Dani D | Last Updated on  December 21, 2021 | Home BlogSexy Affirmations That Will Get Your Girl Hot

Do you suffer from silent sex? Many women crave verbal communication in the bedroom, whether you are teasing them during foreplay or worshiping their bodies after the act. The words you say provide affirmations that you love your lady and adore her body.

Unfortunately, not everyone was born with the gift of gab and many people struggle to find the right words to turn their partner on. Use this list as a jumping-off point for sexy talk. Here are eight things to say that will turn her on.

1. I’m in no hurry.

This sentence alone can drive a woman wild. It can be said in earnest when you are focusing on her needs or it can be a tease when she’s begging for you. It shows that you are operating on her time, not your own desire for pleasure.

2. There is nowhere I would rather be right now.

This is another way to highlight that you are full-focused on her, not outside distractions like social media, the gym, video games, work, or any other place that could steal your attention. 

3. Where do you want me?

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As you get to know your partner, play with different dominant and submissive roles. This is a simple question to understand her mood. She may take on a dirty and dominant side – ordering you down on your knees – or she may want you to cuddle with her for a quiet moment of intimacy.

4. I’m going to…

She doesn’t get to be the only dominant one. One of the best ways to get into dirty talk is to say exactly what you are going to do before you do it. Of course, you are welcome to tease her beforehand until she’s begging you to fulfill your promises.

5. I love you in this position.

Sex is an incredibly vulnerable experience for people of all genders. However, 78 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies by the time they reach adulthood. This sentence challenges your lady to love how she looks at that moment, rather than worrying about her physique.

6. You look so good in…

This is another compliment you can offer. Mention the dress she was wearing earlier or the lingerie she is in now. You can even compliment her hair or makeup if she works hard to style herself. Show you notice things and find her efforts attractive.

Artwork by @dcbillustration

7. I’ve been thinking about you all day.

This phrase is an opener. What have you been thinking about all day? Her lips? The curve of her hips? What do you want to do with her that has left you distracted? Use this sentence as a jumping-off point that leads into other sexy talk.

8. I love running my hands over your body.

This sentence is also an opener. It begs the question: where should your hands run next? While you worship her body, move your hands to different areas and watch how she responds with desire.

You don’t have to be a poet to turn on a woman with your words. Instead, focus on how you are feeling and how you can build your partner up. Over time, communication in bed will come more naturally and you can learn to voice your desires.