How to Make Money Sexting Online While Gaining Your Financial Freedom! (Updated Aug 2023)

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Are you curious to learn more about how to make money sexting? Read our complete sexting guide.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make some extra cash, sexting might be just the thing for you.

Let me begin by stating that, yes, it is feasible to generate money through sexting and phone flirting (even if it’s only a small amount).

How Make Money Sexting Online| Best Paying Sexting Websites in 2022

Sext Panther

This is because there are people who are willing to pay for the privilege of engaging in sexual conversations with someone else.

If you’re interested in learning more about this side hustle keep reading, I’ll give you all the information you need to get started.

Do you have a wonderfully dirty mind and want to make money from it?

Consider getting paid for sexting and sending flirty and teasing text messages to people online. As a professional sexter, you can set your own hours and earn money from home. You have access to multiple channels to reach clients and engage with them. Sexting is a great option if you don’t feel comfortable working as a cam-girl but still want to explore your sultry side.

How to Make Money Sexting Online in 2022

Learn how you can make money sexing by developing scripts and improving your flirty messages so you drive your clients wild.

Sexting is when someone sends sexual or suggestive pictures or messages. This can be done through text messages, apps like Whats App or Snap chat or even through websites like Onlyfans, and Chaturbate.

Sexting doesn’t just involve explicit messages and pictures – it also includes more tame things like flirting.

Quick Guide

  • What is Sexting?
  • How to Make Money Sexting Online
  • How to Sext Like a Pro
  • How to Create a Phone Sex Script 
  • FAQ: How to Make Money Sexting Online

What is Sexting?  

Sexting is the combination of sex and texting, which means people who sext send sexy text messages with the goal of arousal and even climax. Sexting can be highly descriptive as both parties go into detail on which body parts they want teased, touched, and sucked. This activity can also be visual, with one party sending a sexy photo and the other responding in kind.

Sexting isn’t just an activity for couples. Many people pay to sext with strangers throughout the day. This sex dialogue can be less intimidating than interacting with another person on a video call. It also allows for a personalized erotic experience beyond what simple porn videos can provide.

If you are interested in entering an adult industry as a form of income, consider working as a professional sexter. You might be surprised how fun this job can be – and how naturally your ideas for phone sex dialogue come to you.


How to Make Money Sexting Online

There are multiple ways to make money by sexting online depending on your comfort and dedication level. You may start with one option to make money and then add multiple channels sexting for money as you feel comfortable. Because you aren’t a full-time employee at any of these channels, you can juggle multiple sexting gigs that you pick up throughout the day. Here are a few options.

How to Protect Yourself Online & Avoiding Scams

Many business organizations focus on keeping their employees and customer personal information secure, but you must also do your part.

If someone wants to contact you outside of whichever platform you’re using to communicate, DON’T DO IT.

  • You don’t have to reveal personal information like your phone number, email address, social media usernames, or your real name.
  • If you didn’t previously consent to share photos or videos (when signing up), DON’T DO IT.
  • Scammers are most likely to target you if you have to “invest” or pay money in order to get a sexting job. Beware of Pay to Work Scams!
  • Make Sure the Website Is Secure – Before you sign up and provide your information to a website, double-check to see whether it is safe. A little lock in the corner of the browser window indicates whether or not a website is secure.
Sexting may be a fantastic way to make some extra money if you’re searching for a fun and simple method to supplement your income.

You’re curious to learn more about how to make money sexting, aren’t you? It’s not as complicated as you might think. In fact, sexting is a great way to make money by simply flirting, chatting and texting online.

There are many companies that will pay you to sext with them. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. You can work from anywhere in the world.

Companies that pay for sexting are usually looking for attractive people to chat with their clients. They will often give you a list of topics to talk about and you will be paid for each message you send.

So how much can you make sexting?

Well, it depends on the company you work for and how popular you are. Some people make up to $100 per hour sexting!

If you’re interested in giving sexting a try, here are a few companies that can help you get started:

  • Arousr
  • Ohmibod is
  • SkyPrivate
  • iFriends
  • CAM4
  • Chaturbate

Chat Line Staffing Services

Websites like Chatrecruit and Lip Service work to staff adult chat websites. You can complete applications and join the pool of professional adult communicators through these sites. The staffing company will send out job opportunities so you can work with various web pages. This is much easier than applying to work on those chat sites yourself.

In some cases, you can earn up to $2 per minute by chatting with clients.

Adult Chat and Video Sites

Some websites promote adult relationships as a way to encourage people of all genders and sexualities to sign up. For example, Phrendly promotes itself as an online dating website with real relationships. On this page, an interested person will “buy you a drink,” or send you money to chat. As more people buy you drinks, you earn more money.

OnlyFans or Other Social Sites  

Outside of traditional sexting services, there are more freelance opportunities to earn money through sexting. You can set up an OnlyFans or a webpage with different tiers for people who want to follow you. You can network with people on social media and grow your list of people who sext you when they feel aroused.

While this option provides more flexibility and doesn’t cap your income, you will have to set your own rules and boundaries for what you will do for clients and what is expected in the exchange.

How to Sext Like a Pro!

While you will definitely learn some sexting lessons as you start on the job, there are a few rookie mistakes you can avoid and best practices to help you start out strong. Keep these ideas in mind as you look for work.

  • Never use your real phone number. Sign up for Google Voice or Whatsapp to stay anonymous.
  • Never give away any factual personal information, including where you live or your real name.
  • Develop a persona and phone sex scripts that go with who you are pretending to be. Are you a powerful dominatrix or a woman who is looking for some fun? This will help you market yourself and attract clients.
  • Respond quickly. Someone who is paying to talk to you doesn’t want to wait. You don’t have to rush your response, but make sure you are keeping their attention.
  • Learn what each client wants. Some want to take time with teasing, while others want to get dirty quickly. 
  • Determine whether you will be leading the phone sex script or responding to the demands of your client. (Some people aren’t inspired, while others want to stay dominant.)
  • Follow the best practices of improv actors. They use a “yes, and” model where they agree with something one person says and build on it. “Yes, I am wet, and it’s so bad my panties are soaked through.”
  • Do not do anything you aren’t comfortable with. You are allowed to set healthy boundaries.

Furthermore, consent is still a factor in the world of professional sexting. You can discuss what you are not comfortable with as you take on clients and should respect their boundaries as well. You can build consent into your scripts to make it seem natural.

How to Create a Phone Sex Script 

As you start sexting for money, you will realize that you can’t have a unique and exciting conversation with every person you meet. While many people have fun sexting, there are times when they feel tired or burned out. Like any other job, you need to be able to perform regardless of how you feel – or how little inspiration your client gives you.

A script can help you build an experience for your clients. Like any good movie script, you will need an introduction (teasing), a middle (buildup), and an end (climax). Depending on your client, you might also introduce plot twists and interesting developments.

To develop your script, pair different parts of the story with different types of sexting experiences. You wouldn’t approach a dominant client in the same way you would talk to a submissive fan. Here are a few sexting examples for different clients:

Dominant Client

  • Where are you picturing me?
  • Tell me where my fingers should be right now.
  • Everything you say sends waves of pleasure through my body. 

Submissive Client

  • What kind of pleasure could you give me if I let you?
  • I don’t want you thinking about [your body part described in sensual detail] unless I tell you to.
  • I could make you cry with pleasure if I thought you deserved it.

Moderate Client

  • What would be better? If I were to… [describe two different sexy situations]
  • What kind of release have you been craving all day?
  • Tell me what you are doing while you talk to me.

Open-ended questions are your best friend. While a script can start a discussion, you rely on your client to guide where you go. If they mention your nipples, run with it. Don’t change the subject just to stick to your script. These lines are meant to give you inspiration while guiding the conversation to its natural, orgasmic conclusion.


FAQ: How to Make Money Sexting Online

Do I have to send photos and videos while sexting?

This depends on the online sex chat clients you work with and the websites you are hired by. In many cases, you won’t need to send videos or photos. You can remain anonymous and don’t need to look a certain way to create your persona. However, on some online sexting websites, you will need photos to attract clients. You might also need to send photos and videos while chatting to further arouse them. 

Will I have repeat clients that I sext with?

This also depends on where you find clients. Some people work through call centers where they chat with different people every day. Other sexters have an OnlyFans account where they only chat with the same people. There will likely be a mix of repeat clients and new people that you chat with.

When is the best time for sexting work?

Your clients will likely be able to chat with you throughout the day. Different time zones and work schedules mean there is almost always someone who wants to talk. However, you may notice that your evening and night hours have higher demand levels as people get off work. You may need to build your schedule around this time to maximize your work potential. 

See if Sexting for Money is Right for You

If you think you are witty and creative, then you could make a significant amount of money through professional sexting. You can talk with several clients throughout the day and build them up in the most tantalizing way possible. Sexting isn’t expensive to start doing, but getting creative takes work. Start by looking at phone sex examples from other sexters and then build your own scripts.

Whether you are ordering people around digitally or helping a client live out their virtual fantasies, sexting is a great way to get customers aroused and leave them wanting more.